What Is The Best Dog Harness? K9 Magazine Has The Answer

For dogs who pull, a harness is often one of the first recommendations made by a dog trainer as a method to get initial control of the dog's errant walking behaviour.

Now K9 Magazine has put together a feature profiling 5 of the best harnesses for dogs, highlighting the benefits of each with an insightful profile of this increasingly popular piece of dog training equipment.

K9 Magazine says:

"We’re always on the hunt for the best dog products around, and we suddenly thought – what’s the point in us knowing if we don’t tell you? Continuing our series of the Best Dog Products, we’ve been hard at work finding the best dog harnesses for Spring."

Profile in the feature are:
Puchi Chequered Chic Soft Dog Harness & Lead from Original Pooch
Ancol Car Harness from Ancol
Classic Buddy Belts Harness from Notforpussys.com
Pink Floral Soft Harness Vest & Lead from Wuff in Style
Company Of Animals Non-Pull Dog Harness from Paws Boutique

On the specific issue of pulling on the lead, the magazine has this advice:

"Assessing the world through the dog’s eyes is paramount to helping him walk to heel. In order to change the dogs mind from pulling, we have to communicate in a gentle language he will understand.

The dog believing he is the leader believes it is his job to protect the pack and anything that approaches such as other dogs, joggers or cars could be perceived as a threat.

This creates all sorts of problems as the dog in a human ruled world will react to the threat in three ways: Flight, freeze and fight."

Find out more about K9 Magazine's recommendations for buying a dog harness (www.k9magazine.com/best-dog-harnesses/)